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Chatty co-worker? How to tell them to be quiet!

Chatty co-worker? How to tell them to be quiet! www.fonttalent.comA chatty co-worker is a nightmare for any person trying to be productive at work.

Does your co-worker constantly wander over to your cubicle to talk about the weather? It could be a sign you have a chatty co-worker on your hands. If your neighbors in the office are constantly keeping you from being productive, it could really harm your results at work.

Here are five ways to encourage your annoying co-worker to leave you alone.

Honesty first
Although this may not be the easiest thing to do, it’s important to confront your chatty co-worker about distracting you from your work. When you confront your co-worker, make sure you are polite and explain to them you need to focus. If they don’t get the memo, then you may have to take further action.

Create hours of productivity
If being honest with your chatty co-worker fails, establish a strict schedule of your productivity. This will help them know when it’s appropriate for to contact you throughout the day. Hopefully, your co-worker will take your productivity schedule seriously and allow you to work more efficiently.

Relocate your workspace
Sometimes, the best solution is to remove yourself from the situation. Relocate your work area to a location where your co-worker won’t be tempted to bother you with pointless conversation. This way, you will be able to work more efficiently and feel like you can finally be productive.

Create an escape plan
When you notice your chatty co-worker isn’t going to go away, develop an escape plan where you can slyly sneak away from your desk. Body language says a lot during a conversation. If you’re sitting at your desk and your co-worker won’t stop talking, start shuffling through papers and stand up from your seat. This will make it appear as if you’re about to go make copies or step away from your desk. While it may seem rude to some people, sometimes you have to be obvious when trying to get your annoying co-worker to go away.

When all else fails, tell your boss
If you can’t get your chatty co-worker off of your back, you may want to bring up the issue with your boss. If you’ve tried confronting your co-worker, moved your workspace, and nothing has improved, it’s time to talk to your boss. Explain to your boss how your coworker continues to distract you with conversation and you can’t get him or her to leave you alone. This way, your boss can take the matter into their hands and encourage your coworker to stop distracting you.

If you’re trying to distance yourself from your chatty co-worker, try some of these tips to improve the situation. Sometimes, people are oblivious to the distractions they create, so you have to be straight-forward and tell your coworker to leave you alone.

Have you ever had a chatty co-worker? How did you cope with the situation?

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